Frequently Asked Questions

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No, please do not ship your device using the returns packaging provided with your new device. You will receive a seperate returns pack within 1-3 days of submitting your trade in request.

Yes, if there is a crack on the screen of your device it is deemed faulty.

You can purchase your device in-store or online from one of the participating retailers to be eligible for this offer.

After we receive the product, we will inspect it within 10 working days . If the device matches the condition you have described in the sell order form, then you will be paid within 24 hours*. If the phone does not match the condition then we will send you an email with a revised quote. At this point, you can accept the revised quote or reject the quote. If you accept the revised quote then you will be paid within 24 hours* . If you reject the revised quote then we will ship your old phone back to you free of charge. *working hours

You can only trade in one device per order.

We only require the device, however do accept all accessories.

Device must be received within 14 days or you may be requoted if the value has decreased.

We understand there may be sensitive or personal data on your device that you have been unable to remove. We run a full, secure data wipe service to remove all data from devices in accordance with the Data Protection Act*, so you can sell to us with peace of mind that all your personal data will be securely removed

If we receive a device with a SIM or Memory card enclosed it will be destroyed.

* Devices which are beyond economical repair or cannot be physically data wiped will be recycled

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